StuG III: Actual Build


My latest scale model project is a Sturmgeschutz 3 ausf. G, or better known as a StuG 3G. Below you find a few pictures of the building proces:

First batch of parts is spray painted in grey etch primer
After the first layer of primer, an red oxide primer layer is added
The first parts of the lower hull have been painted on the inside, in a satin grey finish
The motor mounts are painted in gloss black
Satin grey will mark the technical compartment
First parts are sprayed in Sand Yellow, all parts have three layers of paint.
Track tensioning system
Final drive casings and return rollers assembly, loosely fitted
Torsion bars were fitted, not set in the proper angle yet.
Idlerwheels, road wheels, return rollers and sprockets loosely fitted
Working on the mudguards, glueing on the etched plating
Wheels fitted and engine deck basically finished
Engine deck covers closed
Engine deck covers opened
Engine deck interior, light grey with black steel parts
Polycarbonate floor plate, brackets for the electronics designed, printed and mounted
Motors, batteries and components placed
Designed and printed two casings for the switches and charging ports
Mounted underneath the engine deck, lines up perfectly with the present holes
Hatches open and there are the switches 🙂
Nice and clean, and out of sight while driving
Printed a protection guard for the speaker
The speaker can be hinged upwards to access the battery
The speaker houses nicely behind the large hatch
First power up on the lead acid batteries, two in series make 25 volts
I designed a junction box to organise all the connections
With some over length in the cables so the engine deck can be taken off and set aside
Fighting compartment built, added simulated welding lines
Started with the gun mechanics
Couldn’t resist doing some overall fitting 🙂 (still high on blocks here)

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