Vario AS350 Ecureuil


In the gallery below you can see photos of a radio controlled scale helicopter model I have build. It’s a AS350 Ecureuil helicopter. It is a Vario kitt number 9002, with 1002/80 electrically powered mechanics and a Scorpion 3,5KW motor controlled by a Jeti99 controller.

The model has a scale of 1:6,7
Electrical current maximum: 30,5 Ampere
Electrical current average: 27 Ampere
Power maximum consumed: 1238 Watt
Power average consumed: 1100 Watt
Batteries: 2x 6S 15C 5000mAh Zippy Flightmax
Flying weight all in: 9,1kg
Specific power: 1100/9.1: 121W/kg
Calculated specific power: 110-135W/kg
Actual flying time: 5/27*60*0,8= 8,8 minuten
Calculated flying time: 8 a 9 minuten
Headspeed was 1240RPM.

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  1. Hello,
    do you have some more detailed instuctions for the battery mount system?
    best regards

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