iMike meets iLogic (updated)🇬🇧


Everyone who works frequently with 3D cad software as Autodesk’s Inventor, probably has met iMike.I have used him for years, and he has always been a useful human size reference.But changing his attitude has often been difficult to do quickly.  So i combined iMike with some iLogic to change his appearance by using some sliders.

If you like to play with this you can download the files as a zipfile below. It contains the assembly files, the parameters and the iLogic code is embedded in the file “iMike iLogic.iam”

Download files: iMike Automated (360 downloads)

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  1. Hello, that is a very nice addition to the iMike from Michael V. Ficarra!
    Is it possible to get this Version somewhere/somehow ?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Keith, not at the moment but I can put the files up here for download.
    I will look into it this weekend, check back in a couple of days in this post or in the download section.

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