New RC, Losi DBXLe 2.0 🇬🇧


A new RC on the block, well at least for me it is. Purchased this 1/5th scale Desert Buggy from Losi. Electric powered, four wheel drive, lots of power and lots of fun to drive. Had done a few modifications on it, new tires from Louise the X-Rockets are a great addition since I found the original tires a bit narrow and these are street tires which seems good because I drive most of the time on paved grounds.

The front seat GoPro mount gives a nice view from the drivers perspective

Also did a springs update, these are bit stiffer, which make the car bounce fully back when you press it down. It feels a bit more firm which I like. In the video section you can see a nice onboard video from this car shot with the GoPro.

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