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I equipped my SCX6 with several lights, LED roof light, LED bumper lights and the front and backlights which came with the car. I wanted to make them remote controlled from the transmitter. There are receiver controlled switches on the market but I wanted some extra functionality and of course is it always nice to build things yourself.

I used an Arduino Uno unit to read the signals from the receiver. Based on the PWM value you can determine which switch is currently in which position. So i assigned three 3-way switches to three AUX channels (6, 7 and 8).

The idea was to either switch a light on, off or let it blink. The video below shows the end result quite well.

When the Arduino microcontroller processes the signals retrieved, it switches four relays accordingly. These four relays are isolated from the controls, so it is possible to switch on 30V and 10Amps. Suitable for more than just lights. This power comes from a Turnigy UBEC which is powered by the main 3S batteries.

The unit I build for this can not only switch lights, it also functions as a mount for my ESS-DUAL sound module. Also provides it the power for it, and I build in a switch button to shut it on/off manually.

Also there are two connectors spare toro 3S power. In the future I might use that one to power a new steering servo.

Regarding the Arduino code; I build the code and the unit to switch four channels (I use only three because I don’t have more channels available). So four switches with three positions each, make up 81 combinations. The Arduino interprets all inputs serially in a continuously loop. So to the best of my knowledge I have to interpret 81 combinations every time. That way all lights can blink or be on constantly without slowing the loop further down than 600ms. So the program I made and the way it works now is perfect for me. If you have a better solution to solve this let me know in the comments below.

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